21 Types Of Indoor Plants

indoor tree plants

It’s inexperienced leaves can have a white or yellow marbling, and it’s long vines like to climb, making it a fantastic hanging plant. The Zenzi ZZ plant is the little sib of the bigger ZZ plant. With its dark green leaves and thick stems, it’s good as a desk plant (plus, it might make you want to go to work!).

As part of the Calathea household, the rattlesnake plant shows off pale and dark green, wavy leaves. It’s undoubtedly a novel trying plant you’ll want to have in your little plant oasis (snakes not included 🐍). It’s easy to maintain as soon as you discover the right spot, and it could brighten up just about any room you want with its vivid colors. The polka dot plant is available in a variety or colours, but is commonly recognized for its pink spots. The rubber plant is the much less finicky sister of the fiddle leaf you could tame down to 1-foot tall with pruning. It’s deep, green leaves have a rubbery look that is v daring.

Pests that may infest money plants embody aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs and spider mites. ApplySafer® Brand End ALLto destroy these invaders. Your aloe vera plant will frequently produce plantlets. These baby plants can be removed to simply start a brand new plant.

There are a couple of elements to contemplate when picking one of the best indoor plant for you. Also known as the starfish snake plant, this fanned out succulent seems like a baby … Read More