The process of painting a house is a process that must be considered properly. It’s not just a matter of choosing paint, choosing colors or in terms of tidiness, but it’s also important to know what to avoid when painting a house. If you don’t pay attention to things like the following, it is possible that the results of painting the walls of your house look bad and the color also looks dull or not durable.

The activity of painting the walls of the house is considered difficult and easy. If you look closely, this activity looks so easy because you only need to apply the paint color in the form of a liquid using a brush or roll that can be adjusted to the area to be painted. However, in practice, if the house is not painted by an expert, the results will not be good, such as uneven colors, for example.

Things to Pay Attention to when Painting a House

There are several things that you must consider before starting the process of painting a house. As in the case of choosing paint colors, even distribution of colors or paying attention to the importance of trying paint colors first before actually choosing and applying them to the walls of your house. Some of these will be explained further below. there anything?

Avoid Choosing Dark Colors

The first thing that you must pay attention to is the matter of color selection. You should be careful with choosing dark colors because usually the paint color will look much darker when it is applied to the field. Even the paint color will look darker when the paint has dried.

This will make the painted area look dark, gloomy and according to psychology will display less positive things or carry less gloomy and uninspired suggestions.

Pay attention to the Blue or Pink Color Selection

Colors such as blue and pink are widely chosen because they are considered to display bright colors and also look bright. However, it should also be noted that the blue and pink colors give a childish impression, so adjust the paint color selection to the space that will be used.

Avoid the use of pink and blue in the workspace or study area because these colors are psychologically not good for concentration and also do not produce good light colors when reflected by lights, while a work or study room requires good lighting for concentration and eye health.

Not Trying Paint Colors First

Another mistake that many people make when painting a house is only looking at the color samples on the panels but not trying them on the walls first. Sometimes the color produced when painting or polishing the color on the wall is different from when you see the color sample on the provided panel.

Generally the paint color will look darker after the painting process is complete or when the color is dry. The difference in the original color and also in the sample panel will also be seen based on the base color of the cement used or when the walls are still in their basic color.

Pay Attention to Wall Accents or Attached Accessories

Apart from choosing colors and trying things out, you also have to pay attention to some accent walls or accessories attached to the walls of the house. For example, photo frames, paintings, hanging shelves or murals that will be drawn on the wall. All the knick-knacks must be adjusted and also considered before painting the walls of the house.

You have to really see if the paint color you choose matches the accents and accessories on the walls. Don’t let the color of the walls actually make the accents and accessories look distracting or less beautiful. It is recommended to choose a light color to avoid the color of the walls becoming darker.

Adjust Paint Color to Room Size

Paint color is also very influential on the relief of a space. For smaller spaces or room sizes, it is recommended to choose light or bright colors because bright colors will make the size of the room look wider. In addition, bright or light colors will also reflect light better, causing a more spacious effect.

Ignoring the ceiling of the room

Not infrequently when painting a house, the ceiling of the room is often forgotten. Painting the ceiling of the room is very important to do so that the color of the house does not seem biased and makes the light in the room reflect better. It is recommended to choose a light color such as white to paint the ceiling of the room.

Above are some things that should not be done in the process of painting a house. Color selection can be done by choosing the color you like but also pay attention to the composition of the space to make it look more attractive and also comfortable to live in.