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She may just be afraid of it or not even know what she’s alleged to do with it. They’re really nice too however sometimes don’t come with options like condos, toys, ropes, scratching posts and so forth. So to begin with, I would recommend fastening the tree to the wall with angle brackets. Just ensure the wall is sturdy too and thick enough. If you’re drilling into flimsy drywall or w/e it received’t keep. But neither would any wall mounted cat tree or ornament. Yes, you’ve a number of choices as far as securing your cat tree.

I will do a separate publish for this but I’ll cowl some selections here actual fast. I actually just like the Go Pet Club Huge as a result of it has loads of bins and it appears very excessive. I’ve learn on the way to tell if the tree is secure, and I would like to ask you a question about this.

I love the desk that reveals highlights from a number of cat rental trees at a look. This is helpful and I will not need to do as much research now. I love the photographs in addition to it helps with the choice process. You can try putting some of her favorite treats or toys on her cat tree/furnishings. This works just like it does with canine in that it tells her that it is good for her.

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