indoor tree plants

While it prefers to remain moist, it could handle a missed watering or two. Just watch out for yellow leaves, which may mean you are actually over-watering. Fiddle-leaf fig is tall with big, violin-shaped leaves that make it appear extra like a bit of art than a plant. It prefers bright, oblique light and must be allowed to dry between waterings. Make positive you retain it out of drafts when you add it to your home or office, and fertilize the plant month-to-month in the course of the growing season.

Your dieffenbachia also can get as tall as 4 ft or extra if you care for it properly. Heart Leaf Philodendron is a vigorous vining plant that makes an excellent indoor plant for the home or office. You should maintain the soil moist, and occasionally mist the plant for ideal watering. While it prefers moist soil, it appears to do exactly fine if you neglect to water it occasionally. Aloe vera is native to southern Africa, but is now a typical family and office plant due to its usefulness. A Gerber daisy plant adds a pop of color to your house or office.

Be cautious to not get too beneficiant with the watering can, since this plant doesn’t develop properly with extreme water. An umbrella tree can develop up to 6 feet tall, but you possibly can hold it extra manageable by pinching off new growths.

indoor tree plants

Ficus are well-liked houseplants and in addition typically named one of the best vegetation for offices. Because they have a putting appearance and are extremely efficient at purifying indoor air. A ficus prefers brilliant, oblique gentle, moist soil and occasional misting.

The umbrella tree, or schefflera, is a wonderful home or workplace plant. It likes brilliant, indirect light and, whereas it prefers moist soil, it’ll nonetheless do nicely if it dries out sometimes.

Put it somewhere it could get medium to bright oblique mild and loads of humidity, and it’ll thrive. Dieffenbachia, additionally known as dumb cane, is a wonderful plant with leaves that function a beautiful mottled sample. Dieffenbachia vegetation need nicely-drained, moist soil. It does greatest with low, oblique light, which makes it an excellent indoor plant for the home and office.

It prefers shiny, indirect lighting and can thrive in artificial lighting, making it one of the best office vegetation to grow. This plant does well even whenever you overlook to water once in a while. This striped plant has the cutest name on the listing, however past that, it’s a sensible choice for beginners.